UV test solution

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+ UV-intensity :mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C


+ UV-intensity :mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C
+ USB ComPort
+ Graphic chart on computer

Designed & Manufactured by UV-int



The UV-IntMicro is a high quality UV measuring instrument. It is used to measure UV energy of
different light sources, especially on printing machines. It is ideal to ensure quality control of printing and drying processes.
Small size, heavy duty pass-through Integrator with a diameter of 90 mm. It is reliable and simple to use.

Technical Data:
Spectral range:
M36 250-410nm Max:365nm

M42 350-460nm max:410nm

Measuring range: 0 to 5,000 mW/cm2
Display: 6-digit LCD
Display range: 0 to 999,999 mJ/cm2
Power source: long life 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Power consumption: 100 uA
Battery service life: 10,000 hrs
Dimensions: 54X44X12(H)mm
Weight: approx. (100 grs.)
Temperature range: 0 to 45?Centigrade
Heat protection: Heat shield on back plate
Base Accuracy: +5 %


Auto off 3-8Minutes


UV-intMicro 56X48X12mm

M36 250-410nm Max:365nm (ST)

M41 350-460nm max:410nm


While on the conveyer belt, the UV-intMirco can withstand max. 110 Centigrade for up to 10seconds.

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