Standard Type


Standard 250-410nm


+ UV-intensity :mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C
+ USB ComPort
+ Graphic chart on computer


Designed & Manufactured by UV-int



UV -int 160
+ UV-intensity :0-2000mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :0-36000mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C
+ USB ComPort
+ Graphic chart on computer/
Only run in Xp system

The UV Integrator 160 is a small, self-contained, high quality UV measuring instrument. It is designed to measure and display peak UV intensity in mW/cm2, UV dosage in mJ/cm2 and temperature in the UV curing process.

In the standard version it is equipped with one UV sensor and one temperature sensor for the measuring of:

UVA 250 - 410 nm
Temp 32 to 230 F / 0 to 110 C

With this total UV band peak energy and dose measuring, most of the measuring requirements of UV curing applications can be covered.
Due to its UV sensor and the integrated microprocessor the UV Integrator 160 can measure and display the peak UV-intensity of the total UV spectrum (mW/cm2).
Additionally, this UV-measuring instrument is calculating the UV-dosage (mJ/cm2) of the UV energy supplied during the time of exposure of one measuring cycle. The UV-dosage is calculated as the total Integral of UV-dosage over the full UV spectral bands.
An extra sensor is measuring temperatures from 32 to 230 F / 0 to 115 C.

The sensors are on the back of the unit which also serves as a heat shield. After completion of the measuring cycle the measuring results can be scrolled through on the built in 2 x 16 digit LCD display.
*The UV-Integrator 160 features a selectable "triggered mode", i.e. the count starts at that moment when the incident light quantity exceeds 5 mW/cm?..

A special AUTO-OFF feature that turns off the unit automatically after one minute serves as energy saving and extension of the battery service life.


Technical Data:

Spectral range: UV 250-- 410 nm (Max:365nm) default

Range UV350-450nm Max:410nm Custom

Display: LCD, 2x16 digits

Display range: 0 to 36,000 mJ/cm2

Measuring range: 0 to 2,000 mW/cm2

Measuring temperature: 32 to 230 F / 0 to 115 C

Sampling rate: 0.01 sec (100/sec)

Recording cycle: 120 sec.

Power source: 2 x AAA

Battery service life: 1,000 measurements

Dimensions: 143 x 74 x 13 mm

Weight: approx. (255 g)

Base Accuracy: 5 %

This microprocessor integrator is additionally equipped with an USB ComPort and an evaluation software
for downloading the data to a computer to show, edit and store a history of the measuring results of the
entire measuring cycle as graphic charts (mW/cm2) and (mJ cm2)and Temperature




UV-int150 150+



While on the conveyer belt, the UV Integrator 160 can withstand max. 230 F / 110 C for up to 10 seconds.

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