UVC-integrator UV-int253230-280nm mask ultraviolet sterilization

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+ UV-intensity :mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C


+ UV-intensity :mW/cm2
+ UV-dose :mJ/cm2
+ Temperature:0-120C
+ USB ComPort
+ Graphic chart on computer


Designed & Manufactured by UV-int


UV-int253 UVC230-280nm mask ultraviolet sterilization furnace

For ultraviolet sterilization lamp Shoe factory / food / medical / mask ultraviolet sterilization etc. 254nm (230-280nm)
UV energy meter (UV-int253): UV-int253 type UVC energy meter is a high-quality ultraviolet energy meter. The UV energy meter is an instrument used to measure the UV energy of the UV sterilization device. The main sensor of the meter is on the back of the meter, and the measurement range is 230 ~ 280 nm. It can be directly displayed on the display screen on the front of the meter during measurement Read on.

Technical Data:

Spectral measurement range: UVC 230-280nm

Display value: 0-999999mj / cm2

Note: display value / 10 = actual value

Dimensions Diameter: 120mm Height: 12mm

Maximum temperature of heating 110'C

Switch ON / OFF

Weight about 150g


Matters needing attention: Do not look directly or indirectly by refracting / reflecting the UV lamp to ensure that no part of the body is directly exposed to the UV lamp.

This UV energy meter can withstand higher temperatures, no more than 10 seconds on the conveyor belt, and a temperature resistance of 110 .

Installation / Operation
a. When the ON switch is turned on, the LCD (display) shows zero.
b. Place the UV energy meter near the source of the UV lamp, and try to align the back of the lamp with the lamp source (because the energy sensor of the energy meter is on the back), and extend the irradiation time appropriately.
c. Until there is a measurement display on the display of the energy meter, for example 800 mJ / cm2. (800mj / cm2)
d. Turn off the energy meter switch (OFF), or set the value of the display to zero.


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